Physiotherapy Tables

Reha-med Royal

The Reha-med Royal combines in a package deal our successful Reha-med Contour table with the most desired upgrades. This Table has it all, double action headrest, facecradle headrest, castersystem, 3” 2-layer foam system, two footswitches and motorized center and leg section/ tiltback adjustment.

Reha-med Royal Physiotherapy Table

Length: 78” contoured table top Width:28”/25" Weight: 200 lbs

  • Adjustable Height Range: 18” – 37” with electric motor
  • Facecradle headrest with plug
  • Double action headrest tilt able from +30* to – 80* and raises horizontally 5”
  • Adjustable armrests can be lowered by up to 8”
  • Centre section adjustable with electric motor from 0 to 8”
  • Tiltback adjustable with electric motor from 0* to 80*
  • Castersystem
  • 2 footswitches for height adjustment
  • Lift capacity: 500 lbs
  • 3” 2-layer foam system
  • Whisper vinyl in all colours from vinyl page


RM-800-10 Reha-med Royal $3995.00

Optional upgrades

2nd set of hand switches for center and tiltback adjustment $60
Canadian flag style upholstery $80

Whisper vinyl in all colours from vinyl page

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