Physiotherapy Tables


The Reha-med has all the features of an excellent manual therapy table. Aided by looking gas springs the effortless adjustable headrest, centre section and tiltback allow respiratory positioning and correct positioning of the spine in flexion or side flexion. It also allows steep tilting for postural drainage or supported positioning for gravity pendular treatments.

Length: 78” Width: 26” or 28” or 30" Weight: 180 lbs

  • Adjustable Height Range: 18” – 37” with electric motor or hydraulic foot pump
  • Headrest with face hole and plug
  • Headrest tiltable from +30* to – 80*
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Centre section adjustable from both sides with the tip of your finger from 0 to 8”
  • Tiltback adjustable from both sides with the tip of your finger from 0* to 80*
  • Lift capacity: 500 lbs
  • 2inch foam system
  • Whisper vinyl in all colours from vinyl page


R-800-02 Reha-med electric $2900.00
R-700-01 Reha-med hydraulic $2900.00

Optional upgrades

U-010 Castersystem $330
U-020 Double-action headrest $85
U-030 electric motor support for center section $230
U-040 2nd foot switch for electric motor $60
U-050 3” 2-layer foam system $65
U-080 electric motor support for tiltback $230

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